Catching Up and Healthy Food in Unexpected Places

I have too many irons in the fire. Being unemployed isn’t all bad; after all, I can explore the many possibilities of what lies ahead without the interruption of going to a job every day. However, it’s difficult to not stress over the constant stream of rejection letters and emails I receive from my job search.

If you will allow me to digress on the subject for a moment, I’ll tell you some of the exciting changes going on. Otherwise, scroll down :).


I’m working on setting up an Etsy shop to initially sell baby hats for photography props and everyday wear but could expand if that catches on and grows, so I have been crocheting my little fingers to the bone. The shop has been “opened” but I only have a few items right now. In the next few weeks, I’ll be working to add more items, create better descriptions, spruce up the storefront, and work on the policy legalese.

The last two weeks of March I’ll be spending a couple of weeks in Tennessee with my stepdaughter and three of the most gorgeous and sweetest grandchildren in the entire universe. We’ll be collaborating on sewing projects for her Etsy shop to take her business to the next level. She’s so talented and has built a successful business.

May not sound like much, but here’s the rest of the lineup of my schedule: I’m also helping a good friend with after school care for her boys, occasionally dog-sitting and puppy-training, making cup cozies to support New Day Ministry in Nicaragua, and building Communication and Information from scratch for my church. I love it all and it keeps me hopping all day long, but none of it pays the bills.

So enough about me. Here are the deals that I see in Kroger’s flyer for the week:

Cabbage $.33/lb.

Simple Truth organic milk $2.99/half gal.

Simple Truth almond milk or coconut milk 2/$5

Organic black grapes $2.99/lb.

Organic grape tomatoes 2/$5

Land O’ Lakes Butter 2/$5

Mahi-Mahi $5.99/lb. (wild caught)

Clementines $3.99/3 lb. bag (not organic, but would be a great after-school or mid-morning snack occasionally instead of something highly processed).

If you buy 4 Cascadian Farm organic cereal boxes, you can get 1/2 gal. of organic milk free! I love Cascadian Farm Berry Cobbler Granola cereal. I use it as a snack more than a cereal, but it’s delicious.

Food Lion specials that are good through tomorrow:

My Essentials sour cream $.87/8 oz.

Lemons 2/$1

Kiwi 2/$.88

Clementines $3.99/3 lbs.

Cucumbers $.69 (peel first!)

Alaskan Cod fillets $5.99/lb.

Tilapia $2.99/lb. (great price, but make sure it’s US or Central/South American and not from China/Taiwan)

Here is an interesting and informative blog about choosing supermarket fish.

Target Grocery Find

I made an exciting discovery Saturday at Target: grass-fed ground beef. It was originally $6.99/lb. but it had a $2 off coupon attached. They also had Earthbound Organic spinach for $3.99 for one of the smaller tub containers, which is less than Kroger from my recent memory. I didn’t go all through the entire grocery area due to lack of time, but when I get the chance to check it out, I will report my findings.

Don’t forget to check out the Community Market on Wednesday and Saturday for local, fresh produce that’s available. They should be coming out with early spring produce now, but don’t forget those farmers who have wholesome meat and cheese options inside.

Also remember to check out Health Nut Nutrition in Wyndhurst for healthy deals (their Facebook Page is quite informative and active) and the Bedford Avenue Meat Shop for quality meat.

Has anyone found other great deals on whole, organic, healthy foods in unexpected places?


About Rachel

I'm a crocheting bookworm who happens to also be a coffee snob. One of many passions is to learn ways to make healthy food choices without breaking the grocery budget and sharing them with Central Virginia readers.
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