Kroger healthy food deals for week of January 20, 2013

Well, that shortened my weekend.

About 3:30 this afternoon, a deep tiredness swept over me and I had to lie down. I had intended to just rest for about 20 minutes—a good ol’ power nap—but it turned into a 2-hour sleepfest.

Ah well. Sometimes we have to trust that our bodies know what we need.

For this week’s Kroger healthy savings, it’s sadly lacking in options; but there are a few good things, so without further ado:

Organic mini peeled carrots 2 lbs./$4 (great for snacking when you just want “something” and you are trying to ignore the potato chips)

Organic Fuji apples $1.59/lb. (these are really yummy!)

Navel oranges $3.99/3 lb. bag (oranges are in-season, so enjoy them while they are fresh and cheap!)

Simple Truth organic milk $2.99 ½ gal.

Birds Eye Steam Fresh frozen vegetables 10/$1.49 each

There are various cheeses on sale that you can use for snacks.

That’s it for the healthiest options. Not a whole lot to go on, but you have to remember it’s the middle of winter so there isn’t much produce for grocers to purchase unless they want it shipped across the country or from Mexico.

Don’t forget to check out the community market on Wednesday mornings and Saturday. Again, not a lot of produce, but I got a very yummy spaghetti squash a couple weeks ago and used that for a side dish for several meals. It’s very tasty with just a little butter, Himalayan salt, and cracked pepper. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It’s very mild tasting. Here is my blog entry for a super easy way to fix spaghetti squash.

Also, don’t forget to check coupon sites that help you match coupons with sales items for every day groceries and personal items. There are many out there; my favorite is The Frugal Find. 

This is important if you believe you can’t afford whole foods or organic options. Save money on your other grocery and personal purchases and you can splurge on a few whole food and organic items that you can integrate into your meals.

How are you doing with substituting the less healthy foods for healthier options? Let’s talk about it!


About Rachel

I'm a crocheting bookworm who happens to also be a coffee snob. One of many passions is to learn ways to make healthy food choices without breaking the grocery budget and sharing them with Central Virginia readers.
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