Really late Food Lion sales and Community Market news

25 years.

That is how many years it has been since I spent any time with one of my favorite college roommates.

Not sure how it happened; after all, I’m still 20-something, right?

Oh. Wait.

I’ve been 20-something for a couple decades. The last time I saw her my now 28-year-old son was 3.

I was able to squeeze a couple great hours of catch-up time with my dear friend in between her intensive college course at LU.

I spent an evening with another old college friend this week, too. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other; no good excuses, either as we live about an hour away from each other.

Anyway, it was the week for reunions…and part of why I haven’t had any new posts lately.

I grabbed a Food Lion store flyer last night when I succommed to the need of ordering my favorite pizza-style cheese sticks at Mr. Shipps in Forest, VA. Let me tell you, it’s bad food heaven.

That’s one reason I have been contemplating this blog for months. It’s not easy making healthy food choices sometimes. Some days are a pass, but most days are a fail. I think that there are a lot of people like me out there.

Some may think they are eating well based on USDA/FDA guidelines but still struggle with weight and health issues. Guess what? The government mostly legislates by what lobbyist group is paying best and it has nothing to do with what is healthy and best for us.

Others might have a pretty good idea what is and isn’t healthy, but because of food addictions, bad habits, exhaustively busy lives, and/or cravings can’t seem to keep on track.

My hope is that this blog will help provide thoughtful discussion about healthy eating and and assist in making healthier choices for you and your families.

This week in Food Lion they have the following decent options on sale:

Cantaloupe 2/$3

Honeydew or Personal melons 2/$5

Kiwi 2/$.88

Cabbage $.49/lb

Mushrooms 6 oz. $1.29

Kraft Deluxe Cheese 16 oz. $4.99 (this is real american cheese, not “cheese product” or “cheese food”; they’re not real cheese!)

They also have Nature’s Place all natural chicken on sale for $3.00/lb (The best chicken will be local organic chicken, but this is a much better choice over standard grocery store chicken)

I am sitting at my favorite coffee haunt, The White Hart cafe and Blackwater Coffee Company, after perusing the choices at the farmer’s market across the street. As you can imagine, there aren’t hoardes of farmers selling fresh produce in mid-January but that’s no reason to stay away. They’re open until 2 PM, so if you are out and about, stop by.

I scored a small jar of raw honey (my throat is a bit sore and I need some great honey benefits), a jar of habenero/apricot jelly, and a nice sized spaghetti squash for $3.50.

If you like greens, one farmer has some nice kale and collards, and there are plenty of apples. However, don’t forget to ask about their pesticide use. None specified organically grown and pesticides are a problem with garden greens and apples.

That’s all I have for right now, but there is much more to come. Have a healthy, happy weekend!


About Rachel

I'm a crocheting bookworm who happens to also be a coffee snob. One of many passions is to learn ways to make healthy food choices without breaking the grocery budget and sharing them with Central Virginia readers.
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2 Responses to Really late Food Lion sales and Community Market news

  1. April says:

    Wow! I bought some raw honey this week too and was hunting for a good recipe for cough syrup; so I’m going to make this (great honey benefits link). Believe it or not, I also just bought raw ginger yesterday…and discovered this tea hater (me) likes real homemade ginger tea! 🙂

    Thanks for the great blog, and the suggestions!

    • Rachel says:

      A friend of mine swears by a spoonful of raw honey and basic aspirin every four hours at the first sign of any virus like sore throat, sniffles, congestion, or fever. She is rarely sick! I tried a honey, lemon, ginger concoction I found on Pinterest for colds but I didn’t like how the lemon looked after sitting in it for a week. Next time I’ll save the lemon to add fresh when I make a tea or tincture of some sort.

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