Healthy deals for the week of 1/6

I’m actually clipping coupons again.

I hate clipping coupons. However, I also hate (and usually refuse) to pay full price for something.

This isn’t another coupon site. There are many out there that are great and will even teach you great couponing (even extreme couponing) skills if you are looking to be more frugal with your money.

Go for it!

After all, the more money you save on other household items and products, the more leeway you  have to make healthy choices with organic meats, fruits, and vegetables that matter.

If you need some couponing help, Coupon Mom is great because she had tutorials that really helped with the matchups that so many websites and bloggers do now. (I don’t get paid for promoting her, either; just passing info along that helped me!)

You don’t have to use her, but if your goal for 2013 includes being more frugal and thrifty or saving more money, this will help. The catch is to not get so excited about buying a pack of gum for .25 that you buy a dozen and you don’t typically buy gum. Use the knowledge to save on things that you normally would buy.

The vision for this blog is to help you find healthier choices and make some substitutions to make your tight grocery budget go a little further and be a bit healthier all at the same time.

That said, here are the items I see in Kroger’s flyer this week that seem to be healthy options.

Simple Truth organic butter $3.99/lb

Simple Truth organic milk $2.99/half gallon

Simple Truth organic broth 3/$5

Simple Truth organic canned tomato varieties (canned tomatoes aren’t a great idea unless the can is lined with a PBA-free material, so you may want to check that. However, if you plan to use canned tomatoes anyway, the organic is better than conventionally grown with pesticides as it is on the “dirty dozen” list.)

Simple Truth organic fresh salad select varieties $2.99

Simple Truth “natural” ground beef $4.99/lb (natural means nothing and I haven’t looked in person at this label to know if this is any better than standard ground beef or not so use your own discretion. You want it to specify no growth hormones/antibiotics and the best is pasture-raised grass fed.)

Simple Truth Organic Quinoa $2.99/1 lb. bag (I’m excited about this one! Have you tried quinoa yet? Now is a good time to try it! Recipes coming soon!)

Kroger cottage cheese or sour cream 2/$4 (make sure it’s all natural with no extra ingredients; I can’t remember the label on this one.)

Jumbo sweet onions .99/lb (I will chop and freeze in freezer baggies ready to throw into recipes when they are on sale!)

Organic blueberries $2.99/4.4 oz

Target has Cuties clementines for $3.99 (3 lbs) and some Seventh Generation and Method cleaners on sale if you look for biodegradeable cleaning products and haven’t tried making your own yet. (More on that, too!)

Did you catch any great deals on healthy grocery items that I missed? Comment below!


About Rachel

I'm a crocheting bookworm who happens to also be a coffee snob. One of many passions is to learn ways to make healthy food choices without breaking the grocery budget and sharing them with Central Virginia readers.
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